Research Internship Programs

Research Internship Programs

IDBR offers Research Internship Programs to Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Drug delivery/biomedical Sciences Area. The students in any science/engineering/health sciences disciplines are welcome to apply.

IDBR offers to provide facilities and guidance to undergraduate students (Science/biotech/pharmacy/medicine) in performing short and long term research projects. The student will be working on a research project assigned by the IDBR team member. Due to ongoing research projects, only a few students could be accommodated in a given time. The students can work on projects of their choice if they are approved by the team members. If the students would like to work on their own ideas, they would need to submit a brief write up about their idea and list of chemicals and equipment required to complete the project.

Research internship would be helpful to students who are interested to go abroad to pursue higher studies as well to students would like to secure positions in life science, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

List of Research interns who successfully completed their research work at IDBR:

Student Image Name & Qualification Year Affiliation Research Project
Radha H (M.Pharm) 2015-2016 Viswesvarapura Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bangalore Formulation of liposomes as carriers of antioxidants
MarziehZare (M.Pharm) 2015-2016 Viswesvarapura Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bangalore Formulation and evaluation of lipid based carriers of antimicrobial agents
UttaraShivakami (B.E) 2015 Probiosys Bioanalytical instrumentation
Mercy (B.E) 2016 Probiosys Bioanalytical instrumentation
Lavanya (B.Pharm) 2017 KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research Belgaum Solubility studies of Telmisartan