Research Areas

Research Areas

Skin Research

Transcutaneous Iron Replenishment Therapy

Scheme: BIG (Ref No. BT/TEMP/0707/BIG-03/13)

Funding organization: BIRAC

The project has been successful in developing a transdermal iron patch system has shown promise to treat iron deficiency anemia. The iron patch incorporated with skin penetration enhancers was found to deliver therapeutic amounts of iron through the skin into the systemic circulation in laboratory animals. The product is expected to overcome the limitations associated with conventional oral iron formulations and offer better patient compliance.

A Safe and Effective Technology for Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders in Elderly Patients

Scheme: BIG

Funding organization: BIRAC

The second BIG project aimed to develop affordable elastic electro liposomal technology that is capable of overcoming the side effects associated with conventional preparations of nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs. The platform technology developed is likely to enable deeper penetration of the drug at the application site. The technology holds great promise to relieve deep seated pain in rheumatoid arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Noninvasive Device for Transdermal Iron Replenishment

Scheme: SPARSH (Ref No. BIRAC/IG/001/2014-SPARSH)

Funding agency: BIRAC

SPARSH is one of the high-status schemes supported by BIRAC to support cutting edge innovations leading to affordable product development that have the potential to bring significant social impact. The project has successfully developed a noninvasive electric patch for transcutaneous delivery of iron to treat iron deficiency anemia. The patch developed is a simple battery operated device that when applied on the skin could deliver therapeutic amounts of iron compounds into systemic circulation. Animal studies have shown encouraging results indicating that the electrical patch developed would serve as a potential alternative to conventional oral delivery of iron.

Effect of gamma sterilization on the properties of the microneedle Transdermal Array patch

Scheme: Radiation Technology Applications

Funding agency: BRNS, DAE (Ref. No. 35/14/11/2015-BRNS/3086)

Microneedles represent a promising minimally invasive technology utilized to deliver biological therapeutics, macromolecules and vaccines via skin. However, as the microneedle array penetrates the superficial layers of the skin, the microneedle patch must be sterile. The mechanical and physicochemical properties of the needles are crucial in assuring complete penetration of the needles into the skin and release of contents into the tissue intestinal fluid. Gamma sterilization appears to be the only mode of sterilization that would be practically feasible for the polymeric microneedles. However, there is dearth of information regarding the effect of gamma radiation on the mechanical and physicochemical nature of polymeric microneedles and the approaches to trouble shoot the changes if any. In this context, the study aimed to investigate the effect of gamma sterilization protocol on the properties of microneedles prepared using bovine serum albumin or semi synthetic celluloses such as hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose sodium. The study would help us recommend the sterilization protocol for polymeric microneedles as well as to discover the approaches to overcome the physicochemical and mechanical changes of the polymeric needles brought about due to exposure to gamma radiation.

Dermatokinetics of therapeutic agents

Funding organization: University of Mississippi, USA

IDBR is responsible for determining the dermatokinetics of drugs delivered systemically as well as via topical route in animals and human volunteers. University of Mississippi has developed novel approaches to enhance the dermal distribution of drugs. The translational stage of research will be undertaken at IDBR.

Investigating the approaches to enhance the barrier property of skin.

Funding organization: Dermaperm Research Inc, Bangalore

Dermaperm Research Inc, is a spin off Innovation Company working with IDBR in developing prodrugs for the topical delivery of drugs.